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Time to take our bodies back

"Since the campaign features naked bodies we need to explain the reasoning behind the campaign - Go Natural. We want to take our bodies back. The image of a naked female body should not create emotions like shame and sin. This narrow-minded way is destructive for women and men. Women start to see themselves in the same light. Trying to change to please others. It's time to for us to change for future generations of men and women. Our bodies are always with us. Not as sexual objects. We will never banish the overtly sexualized images of women but we can show women as they truly are – Natural. During the 80's the style and fashion was infused with humor, equality and colors. We are inspired by the powerful and individual women of the second wave of feminism in the 1980s. The edgy style of Grace Jones, the fearless style of Debbie Harry. The post punk gothic style of Vivienne Westwood and the strong 80's women in Helmut Newton photos that owned their own bodies."

Emy Blixt - Founder and Designer

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