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Mmmm, I wish I had those shoes from Swedish Hasbeens

The story

Her name was Anita and she was the hottest mum in all of southern Sweden in the 1970ís. While smoking Camel she screamed at her kids until her curlers fell out and just looked fabulous in her white high-heeled clogs.

One summer day in 2006 we found the shoes she wore (300 pairs of red, white and black beautiful clogs from the 70ís) in the basement of an old clog factory in the neighboring village and brought them to Stockholm. So for all these people that shared our love for Anitaís wooden shoes and for ourselves we started Swedish Hasbeens.

Our ambition is to continue to release more incoherent and fun shoes and stuff inspired by Hasbeens that once ruled the planet.

The Hasbeens toffels, bags and belts are based on original 70ís models and are made of ecologically prepared natural grain leather since itís the most beautiful and the highest quality at the same time as itís environmentally friendly.

They are still handmade with respect for people and the environment in the old traditional way, and in small factories that have made shoes for decades. Our production methods and material are kind to nature and people. Happy toffels make happy people.

The shoes of the Swedish fashion brand Swedish Hasbeens were chosen as the trend of the year in Sweden at the annual Trend Award Gala 2008 in Stockholm.

During 2009 Swedish Hasbeens have become one of Swedenís fastest growing fashion brands and now sells in 15 countries. Please see the stores here

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