Swedish Hasbeens Original & Classic Styles

The Swedish Husband

The classic Swedish Husband style is called "bonna träsko" in Swedish, which is slang language and would be translated to something like "farmers clog". Sure, this shoe works for farmers but this minimalistic and basic style has entered the catwalks and has been worn by people and celebrities around the world for fashionable purposes.

The Merci Sandal

The Merci sandal was founded in 2016 for an exclusive collaboration with the fashionable department store Merci in Paris. The style became so popular, we had to make it in classic and new colors and add it to our classic collection.

The Slip in Classic

When Swedish Hasbeens was founded, very soon we realised that the "swedish husband clog" needed an upgrade with a higher and more feminine heel. The Slip in classic became the result and is as classic as its name, minimalistic yet stylish shoe for both everyday as evening wear.

The Braided

Braided low was one of the few styles that we begun to produce early in 2006 when Swedish Hasbeens was founded. Since then, we have used this retro 70's inspired braid design for our sandal clogs with different heel hights.

The Covered Sandal

The clean cut of the covered sandal has been appreciated since the day it was launched. The Covered is an infuse of a sandal and a slip on clog, and it is simply a great mix.

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