Our production

Cheaper and faster. In a world in which fashion consumption relies on mass production, cheap labor and conventional trends, ideas like sustainability, creativity and quality are sacrificed. Sacrificed for short-term profitability and fear of failure.

Swedish Hasbeens’ shoes will always be sustainable. The materials will be natural. The people who make the shoes will always have good work situations. This makes the shoes good for the people who wear them, the people who make them and for the nature which they came from and will return to. These are the demands that we as modern consumers need to ask ourselves when we buy something. Do we want to make this a better world?

Quality That Lasts Quality means sustainability. If all products were made to last, our burden on the nature would be a lot less. Therefore, our shoes will last and you can feel it when you hold them in your hand. You will feel the durability of our naturally tanned leather and the strength of the very best lime tree and alder wood, always made from one piece. You will not be able to find higher quality today in the materials in the world or more dedicated people making them.

You Are Looking At A Revolution Revolutions bring change and we all feel the time has come. The time to throw away the plastic chrome tanned shoes with too much bling-bling and really bad quality. People across the world are demanding quality, natural materials which age great and that our grandkids can wear. Bring on the revolution!

Swedish Handicraft Machines can never replace humans. Our shoes will always be made by hand. That makes them better than any machine-made shoes. Swedish Hasbeens’ shoes are made by artisans in an old traditional way in small factories which have made shoes for decades. This makes every shoe unique and a work of art.

We will keep on making sustainable shoes in natural grain leather inspired by great Hasbeens that once ruled the planet. Maybe that is why we are one of Sweden’s fastest growing fashion brands, presented in more than 70 countries and of course... even Sarah Jessica Parker has now switched from her Manolos.

Better Shoes For A Better World!