You may return your order and get a refund within 14 days from delivery.

Important Information

  • The item must be in the same exact condition when you return it as it was when you received it.

  • Please note, we will not approve any returns of used or dirty items. Until you have decided to keep your order, our shoes must be tried on a clean carpeted surface.

  • The items must be returned in their original packaging, as it is part of the product. Avoid damaging the original packaging by returning the shoes or cloths and shoe box inside an overpack.

  • Please make sure to fill out the online return form before returning your item.

  • The return shipping cost is per returning item.

  • You have to send your return back with the Fedex return label. If you return your order with another shipper, we do not take responsibility for lost items or possible delays with your return.

  • Please note that it can take longer to process returns during sale periods.

If you fail to return the item in the original shoebox we will withdraw $5 from the refund.

Return Shipping Costs

When returning an order for a refund, a return shipping cost of 19USD is charged per item and deducted from your refund. So, if you are returning two pairs, the return shipping cost will double.

Please note, that if you have purchased an item, we will not refund the $18 which was charged when placing the order. So, for returning items, $18 + $19 per returned item is charged in shipping costs.

If returning because of damaged goods or if the return is due to a mistake made by Swedish Hasbeens, we will refund the cost for the item as well as the cost for returning it.

How to Return Items

  • Please fill out the return form here:

- US Return form here.

After submission you will receive a return label from Fedex to your email within 1-3 business days.

Place the item in the original box, and make sure you use the same overpack that the shoes came in and seal the package properly. (If you are returning less items than you ordered, please try and find a smaller overpack.)

Please return your package, with the label, at your nearest Fedex shipper.

After Return

When we have received your return at the warehouse, it will be unpacked and checked. We will handle your refund within 14 days.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation when a refund has been made to the same the payment option you used while placing your order. Please note that we do not refund any shipping costs.

In a case of return you will responsible for the item during transport/shipping. In case of disputes, Swedish law is applicable. See further at www.konsumentverket.se

Declined items

For all packets that are not picked up or if you at delivery decline to sign for the ordered package, you will be charged an additional fee of 35USD, excluding from the shipping and return shipping costs. The fee covers the costs of the extra handling and processing fee.

If you change your mind right when the package was sent from us, you must still pick up the package at your delivery point and send it back to us. If the package is not picked up, it will be automatically registered as NOT PICKED UP and charged accordingly. The shipping costs of sending the order to will not be refunded and the return shipping fee will still be deducted.

Damaged item

If you believe that your item is faulty, or if it has broken, you need to file a claim with us before returning the item. Please take a picture of the fault and send an e-mail to, [email protected].

We have to approve the claim before you send it back to us, otherwise we will not be able to handle your claim, and the item will be sent back to you. The defect will be evaluated by our customer services.

If the reclaim is valid we will either send you a new pair of the damaged model, or refund you if they are not in stock. If the reclaim is not valid we will give you instructions on how to fix the shoe or alternative solutions.

If returning because of damaged goods or if the return is due to a mistake made by Swedish Hasbeens, we will not deduct any shipping costs and refund the cost for the item.