What is a Hasbeen?

A Hasbeen is tired. Tired of being branded as a categorized targetgroup. Tired of being analyzed and increasing profits of corporations.

A Hasbeen shows their love for creativity, joy and quality in what they wear. Regardless of what brands and famous people spam them with tired and expensive advertising.

A Hasbeen is not a categorized consumer but creates her or his own style, mixing playfully and without respect from different ages and cultures.

A Hasbeen is not perfect like in a fashion magazine, does not care for being over-trendy. A Hasbeen dressed the way they feel or want.

A Hasbeen is inspired by other Hasbeens through-out the ages. From the joy and the unafraid creativity of all Hasbeens like in the 1970’s. When a whole generation were liberated from boring clothes and nature and equality became more important than bureaucrats in polyester suits fighting over oil (or was that the 2000’s…). Anyway they were brave, individual and strong and they dressed like it. They made us all realize that we are not anonymous and typecast consumers but instead should refuse to be categorized and branded.

They were Hasbeens and they believed in something larger than themselves.

Hasbeens know sometimes you have to move back to be able to move forward. Forward to freedom and courage that is shown in action and in what we wear and define ourselves as. Our ambition is therefore to continue to release more incoherent and fun products.